Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recovering nicely...

We really haven't done much for the past few days as we are waiting for Lou Lou to stop coughing!

We had a sleepless night last night due to all the coughing so I kept Libs home.

In the evening she showed her first signs of energy during her light saber battle with Ron.

Libi is becoming the queen of night-time stalling. I believe that this is totally age appropriate, but it's a total drag if you are a parent. Her latest tactics include:

-"Daddy I want to tell you one more thing." About twenty times in a row.
-Crying because one of us did something wrong. Case in point: a few nights ago I tucked her in, but I put her gigantic blanket on sideways. She cried and cried until Ron went in to find out what was wrong. "Mommy broke my heart because she did this wrong." UGH :)
-Yelling for one of us to come upstairs.
-Standing in the hall and either crying or yelling until one of us comes.
-A few days ago Ron and I were watching some TV downstairs and we heard the yelling. We called Libi downstairs and here was her explanation for yelling: "I saw a noise... I mean I heard a noise and it came from scared!"
-Ron and I often monitor all this with the baby monitor. The other night she must have heard a noise outside that she mistook for a knock on the door. Her response: "Who is it? God is that you?" Too cute!

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