Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All around town...

Today Libs began wearing her Halloween attire at school.

This was her attempt to catch a ball thrown by Miss Carole-- her hands look more like she's getting her communion wafer than she's getting ready to catch a ball. I guess we need to work on that!

Poor Libs trying to freeze while stuck in the play equipment.

In the afternoon we made a very late visit to the pumpkin patch. Better late than never right?

Happily there were still lots of pumpkins at Lomabardi's!

Libi was very much looking forward to picking the perfect pumpkin to make into a jack-o-lantern.

The animals were a nice surprise for her-- she forgot they were there. I was equally surprised when she gave the donkey a kiss! Yuck!

There are a few things you must do while you are at Lombardi's:

1. Take a cheesy picture in a cut-out.

2. Examine at least a thousand pumpkins-- big and small.

3. Take a photo by the large jack-o-lantern.

4. Ride the train.

(Actually this was our first time on the train. It was fun but pretty expensive!)

5. Go to jail!

(or pretend you are for a picture or two!)

6. Go inside the other jack-o-lantern...

and stick your head out through the nose.


Climb the hay pyramid.

8. See lots of friends. We saw Miss Sabrina and her family, Ron saw lots of students, and Lisa, Cora, and Violet were there too. This photo cracks me up because the girls are only about 3 months apart, but Libi looks so much taller than Cora.

We also bumped into Faith and Sydney from preschool. Libi just LOVES Faith!

9. Call every pumpkin "Cute" but pick up the first one you see to take home.

10. Load up the wagon...

and try to pull it.

11. Have one final photo taken to see how many pumpkins tall you are.

That's what makes a great day at Lombardi's!

One of our MOPS/PC friends school was having a fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese's, so we made a quick stop to support them.

Libi got to dance with Chuck E. himself! At the end of the song her threw out lots of tickets... FUN!

They have some new rides since we were there last...

Libi really enjoyed this one!

We all made photo cards...

Ron's came out as a fire fighter, Libi was a movie star, and I was a princess-- but you knew that already ;)

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