Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Halloween-y things

This morning Jammy, Libi and I headed to...

Boo at the Zoo.

We pulled the mingo costume out of the closet one last time.

It's hard to believe that Libi wore this two Halloween's ago...

until you see her squished little hands in the wings :)

We saw a Jedi (aka a zoo employee) and Libi had to have a picture with them.

In honor of Ben we went to the nursery to check in on the baby Komodo dragons. There were about ten of them and they were adorable! I would totally take one home if they weren't so poisonous!!

There was lots to do at the party: Photo locations,


pumpkins to see,

birds to impersonate!

We took lots of photos with the mingos.

Some with wings flapping,

others just looking at the birds,

one with Mom...

and a very smiley one!

We took the tram for a ride around the zoo...

something we haven't done since Libi was a baby.

We used the map to find all the trick or treat stations.

Their candy wasn't as good as Disney...

but their employees had fun puppets!

Radio Disney was having a dance contest...

and our little mingo joined right in!

I love this one-legged pose!

She and four other girls helped to create a dance together..

poor Libs had trouble dancing in her costume!

However, she did well enough that she earned four tickets to a Tangled premiere!!! Love that!

One final photo with Cinderella and it was time to take Jammy back so she could head north to Stockton.

We took this opportunity to carve our pumpkins!

Libi scooped...

with a little help from Daddy.

Libs drew her face...

nice round eyes, a nose and mouth.

While Daddy cut, Libi and I got the gunk out of my pumpkin.

Sometimes the gooey stuff is the most fun!

Libi loved her finished pumpkin....

such a wonderful face for her first time!

While Ron and I carved, Libi painted the small pumpkins.

I chose a traditional pumpkin face :)

A closer version of Libi's pumpkin.

Ron won the prize for the most detailed pumpkin! Go team spirit!

The finished product!

Happy Halloween Eve :)

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