Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Hollywood style!

After church and a quick nap we headed to Hollywood.

There was a giant piece of mac and cheese there to greet us.. which was kind of funny considering that Chili's was out of mac and cheese last night.

Libi is a sucker for posing with giant things, so we made a quick stop for some pictures.

Next we hopped into line at the theater and received our 3D glasses and bells for the movie.

The theater was all decked out in true Nightmare before Christmas fashion.

You could see Zero's house in the last picture and Jack's coffin in this one.

Libi is one of the only kids I know who totally loves this film.

She was also excited about eating popcorn and drinking apple juice.

The 4D elements were completely magical!!! I think we will have to do this every year as a family tradition!

We planned to take some photos outside of the theater, but when we came out it was raining! We also had wanted to try a new restaurant at Hollywood and Highland, but after trying two places and striking out we decided to go to Miceli's in Universal City.

Libs loved that all the waiters sang during the meal-- we even had to more her seat so she could see them and eat at the same time.

Libs and Daddy were in a very silly mood.

Ron also shared one of his favorites with Libi for the first time-- spumoni ice cream! I still remember the first time Ron shared it with me at ChiChi's in Valencia. This picky girl was less than impressed with pistachio's and candied cherries. Libi liked it much better than I did, much to Ron's delight!

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