Thursday, October 7, 2010

Share day and a visit to the labrynth

Today for share Libi took one of our holiday decorations. It was totally appropriate for our little Hootin' Owl to take this particular singing tree.

Libi immediately made it sing for all of her classmates and Miss Tasha.

Today I made my first official notes at PAC chairwoman. I left treats for all the parents who responded to my e-mail and left naughty notes for those who didn't-- I'm mean like that!

The weather has turned cooler momentarily! The kids took advantage of this time outside to play some basketball.

This shot was taken as the ball was bouncing off my daughter's head when she decided to walk under the hoop. She never cried, perhaps because I didn't show any sympathy! You walk under the basketball hoop you are bound to get hit with a ball or two!

As the kids went inside for nap, Libi kept pointing to the side yard...

we walked over and lo and behold, there was a pumpkin. A sad, little pumpkin, but a pumpkin just the same :)

We grabbed our favorite wild berry smoothies from Mc Donald's and went to see Cassie for a much needed bang trim!

In the evening I went to Blessed Katari, a local Catholic church, to walk the labyrinth with my church class.

It was quite an emotional walk from the entrance to the middle and then back out again. I think I will have to do this again :)

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