Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aunt Violet's Marathon

Today the whole family rallied to support Aunt Violet who ran in her first marathon.

Libi was the most enthusiastic cheerleader-- she even brought her pom-poms.

Violet ran like a champ!!!

She crossed the finish line looking like a natural runner.

She even had the strength to wave to us :)

We all re-grouped after watching the finish from various points: Ron was at the 26 mile mark, Andrea was before the finish line, and Cris and I were at the finish line.

Great job Aunt Violet!!!

The crowd included: Violet's Mom, Andrea, Libi, Cris, Ron and myself...

a few of her high school friends also came to cheer her on!

Libs got the first hug!

The medal was gorgeous and well-earned!

We were all so proud of Violet!

Libi wont' be running a marathon any time soon as she needed to be carried back to the car because the walking tired her out.

Aunt Andrea and Libi decorated the cake with hearts because Violet ran in honor of the American Heart Association.

Marnie (Ron's friend from UCLA) brought the marathoner flowers. It was nice to see her again after all these years.

Libs misunderstood the purpose of the cake and sang Happy Birthday to Aunt Violet. Violet being a good sport pretended to blow out the imaginary candles-- what a trooper!

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