Sunday, October 3, 2010

A gorgeous Sunday....

While waiting in the drive-thru at In and Out after church this morning I snapped this picture. It just screams Fall to me!!!! Love the changing leaves and happy birds, this is my time of year!

After church there was lots of dressing up today.

While I was cleaning Libi was "helping" by taking out all the things I had just put away. Any other Mom's out there who can relate to this kind of "help"?

However, my super-hero girl did manage to put it all away in its rightful spot so no harm, no foul!

I finally got around to filling our art display with Libi's most recent masterpieces. Between Sunday school and preschool we have an abundance of fun projects. Don't be surprised if some of them find their way to your home soon.

Libi was passionately re-telling her Bible story from this morning when I shot this photo. You can see that she is quite dramatic in her story-telling-- I can see some theater productions in our future.

She is also doing the I-don't-want-my-picture-taken-so-I'll-hide-behind-something routine lately. I think it makes for some cute photos, so I just keep snapping.

Recent Libi-isms:

After coughing, "I sound like Nana!"

When she found Ron in the process of changing in our bathroom: "Daddy, what happened to your pants? All I see is bum!" (Sorry honey, but it was too funny not to share.)

"Let's play check marks." aka checkers at Claim Jumper.

We had our family portraits taken last week at St. Stephen's. As we were walking in Libi asked, " Are they taking pictures of God?"

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