Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ciara's Party...

We have had several thunder and lightening storms here over the past few days. This hasn't really helped to cool us off, it's just made us more muggy.

Today we helped our preschool friend, Ciara, celebrate her third birthday.

The two gals were so cute together!

Libi ran to the pony rides-- it was the first thing she noticed when we pulled up!

She was very happy on her pony...

and she went round, and round, and round!

Fortunately for Libi, she was one of the first kids at the party so she was able to spend lots of uninterrupted time on the ponies.

The pony people even took a family portrait for us :)

When Solea arrived Libi greeted her from atop her steed, then they rode together for a bit.

Our little poser strikes again!

There was so much to do at the party-- a bouncer,

lots of play equipment,

and don't forget the ponies! This is the best shot I could get of all the party guests and the ponies-- little kids are hard to organize!

There was a beautiful and yummy Tinkerbell cake for dessert!

Thanks Ciara and her family for a fun afternoon!

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