Friday, October 22, 2010

Emma turns 8!

We were so lucky to be invited to Emma's birthday party this year.

Emma chose a Wizard's of Waverly Place theme with lots of crafts to make.

Libi was the youngest (and shortest) person there, but she was able to hang with the older girls.

She made a bag that might still be drying at the Strassner house due to the huge amount of paint she used!

The hit of the party was the candy bar-- I might have to steal that one!

I can't believe that Emma is already 8-- that means that I'm getting old.

I love this family!!! I have no idea what I will do if they have to move away.

Libi was a big help when it came time to open gifts-- she's always good for moral support.

I think Emma liked her Hogwarts shirt :)

There was much silliness on Libi's part while she watched Ben open his two gifts. She's such a ham!

It looks like Ben also liked his gift!

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