Sunday, October 10, 2010

A shower and some BBQ

This morning Libi and I headed to church while Ron and Lucas did some yard work at the house.

After a quick kid exchange with Ron I went to the baby shower for my sweet friend Lynnette!

Elyz was one of my Skippers last year and one of Libi's MOPS friends.

I also got to spend a little time with Miss Liana (Colleen's daughter) who was wearing one of Libi's hand-me-down dresses. Such a fun surprise for me :)

Lynnette seemed to really enjoy the baby book I made for her-- I was also able to give Colleen the one I made for her (sorry it was 5 months late!)

After a quick nap (for all of us) it was time to get ready for family dinner.

Ron is heading to Boston to visit his Mom this week so we decided to send him off in style.

Libi and Aunt Violet enjoyed some quiet time while the rest of us had lively conversation at the table.

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