Thursday, October 28, 2010

In the Halloween spirit...

We continued wearing our Halloween finest today.

Libi looked darling in this orange shirt and shirt/pants ensemble.

I'm not a cat person in real life, but this kitty is pretty darling!

The weather has been gorgeous

so the kids get to play outside! That makes for happy kids and happy teachers.

This picture cracked me up. When time was called she sat down on this ball but then walked away from it instead of putting it away. The kids usually fight over who is going to put the balls away, so that's why I figured she sat on it. I guess she just needed a momentary rest!

The school brings pumpkins in for the kids every year.

Libi picked this one to take home.

Ron and I stole away for a quick date before all of the Halloween/funeral craziness. We had a nice quiet dinner at Don Cuco's. Our poor waiter had to wait forever for our order while we chatted and sat catatonic for a bit :) Once we explained that we have a three-year-old, he understood!

Libi spent the evening with Grammy and Grampy watching a very strange show on YouTube.

Libi loves evenings at their house-- so many fun things to do...

and candy too!

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