Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parade

This morning we got Libi in her Princess Tiana dress, lovingly crafted by Jammy...

and got ready for the SCLP Halloween parade.

Hang loose everyone :)

Here is Libs with her two favorite school girls-- Faith and Madison aka Belle and Alice!

I didn't even recognize Miss Caroline at first-- her old lady costume was awesome!!!

There were two Tiana's-- Libi and Solea.

The kids marched in and the parade began!

The teachers all got into the spirit!

I was responsible for taking pictures of every child in the parade-- I did a great job on everyone but Libi.

Thankfully Jammy was there to save the day!

The kids went on a spooky walk-- a fun song that is played on a record player.

Yup, our school is old school :)

The kids trick-or-treated around the school...

Granpa helped out and manned one of the doors.

The Hootin' Owl group picture was a challenge to take, but I happen to like having crying kids in a group picture.

Grammy and Grampy came to the parade too!

Libi was blessed to have all 4 grandparents there!

Thanks to Jammy and Granpa for helping out this morning.

Libi wanted to introduce her grandparents to all her friends. Very sweet.

After a nap and a quick change we were off to Nana and Pop's for dinner.

Daddy was a little late getting home from the dance, so we had an impromptu photo shoot in the yard.

One happy picture...

and a silly one to balance it out.

At Nana and Pop's she drew a pumpkin-- I think it's fabulous!

From the look on her face, she is pretty proud of herself too.

Since we won't be seeing Nana and Pop on Halloween we brought all of her costumes for a fashion show.

Once the Tiana dress went on, Libs didn't want to take it off.

Love the picture with Pop!!!

While modeling her costumes for Nana she got very in character and danced with Daddy (aka Prince Naveen.)

It is always fun when Granpa and Jammy visit...

especially for Mommy who hands over the mundane tasks like sock-putting-on to Jammy :)

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