Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wrapping up before we head home!

Our final day was kicked off with a visit to Mount Vernon.

We spent the morning touring George and Martha's place...

enjoying the view and taking some fun group shots.

It was hilarious to hear the kids watching the sheep, "Look they are walking", "They are making noise", etc. You can tell we have total city kids!!!

After a visit to my favorite gift shop in all of D.C. we were off....

to the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial.

I never noticed until I looked at this photo just how much detail there is on this sculpture-- note the camouflage on the helmets.

I took this fun shot through the bus window.

Our final stops were the Smithsonian museums.

We took some photos of C3PO for Libs...

It was really cool to see him up close and personal.

Sorry, I had to!!

Ron and I were losing steam at this point so after a very quick spin around American History we headed towards Natural History to find some ice cream and a bench!

After our snack, we figured that we had to explore a little more so into Natural History we went.

One of the neatest things we saw in the Deep Sea exhibit was a coral reef made entirely out of crocheted items.

There was a fascinating evolution exhibit....

Ron took in more of it than I did-- there was a lovely, quiet bench with my name on it.

On the way out we took a giraffe photo for Libs-- her favorite animal is the giraffe for those of you who were interested.

Off to the airport and a flight home we go!

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