Friday, April 29, 2011

Animal Show, Dancing Queen, and Final Swimming Lesson...

Ron's team had a little assembly today so Libi and I went to watch.

It a one-man animal show...

where Ron even got in on the action.

Being kissed by a critter isn't up Ron's alley.

He used Mrs. Phillips (who I used to work with at Canyon Springs) to show how his macaw is very protective of him.

My favorite of the day was this porcupine...

and Libi's least favorite was the snake. Do you see her clasped hands?

He even brought one of the monkeys from Pirates of the Caribbean.

We went outside during lunch and the Katy Perry song "Firework" came on...

and Miss Libs danced her little heart out! All around the quad, unaware if anyone was watching her, she simply danced!

Daddy accompanied us to the final swim lesson of the year.

Libi showed him her mastery of: getting out of the pool,

diving alone,

diving in tandem,

and swimming the whole length of the pool.

She is really getting the hang of freestyle...

and was whizzing through the water.

She and Ryan also managed (in 5 minutes time) to dive to the bottom of the shallow end to retrieve 5 rings.

We love Miss Karen and are thankful for another successful year.

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