Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back in business...

I was pretty frustrated with Libi's performance in swimming this week so on the drive over we had a little pep talk. I explained to her that she would never get to do freestyle arms (which Ryan has been working on) if she didn't show Miss Karen she could do torpedo arms with her breathing.

That was all it took-- today she was a stellar swimmer!!

Libi has always struggled with getting out of the pool-- she is strong, but she could totally do this if she tried.

She is great with her jumping today...

even Miss Karen was impressed!

The kids worked more on their jumping...

and their "diving"!

Is it wrong that I love this photo with this little tush hanging out?

By the end of the day she was able to pull her little body out of the pool.

We did a class photo and then it was time to go.

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