Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lots of new experiences in NY

We all landed safe and sound and were met by Erika and Hank.

Our flight was early so we arrived well before our breakfast reservations. To kill time we headed to Grand Central Terminal-- a first for me!

The kids loved seeing all the cool artwork as well as the whisper chamber.

As the sun was rising I was able to get a cool shot of a gargoyle on the side of the skyscraper.

Our first group shot of the trip in a very empty Times Square! I guess 7 a.m. was too early for most New Yorkers on a Saturday!

We got to see the new Disney Store in Times Square-- it is my hope to see the inside of it as well ;)

Breakfast was at Planet Hollywood (which I personally find so funny that we eat here. Isn't the real Hollywood like 30 minutes from where we live???)

To fill more time we took a walking tour of Little Italy and Little China (another first for Ron and I!)

I simply love all of the old buildings and water towers we found in Little Italy!

Dessert after breakfast.... well yes, I think I will!

Especially when it involved authentic cannoli's from Ferrara. A-maz-ing!!!!!!

Little China looks just like it does in every movie about New York I've ever seen.

Next we were off to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. This was probably the most difficult walk of the day for me-- who knew that bridges had such a steep incline to get to the middle???

Once I huffed and puffed my way to the middle it was totally worth it!!!

Please excuse my red face-- it was quite a work-out!

Here are the amazing chaperones-- Dolly, me, Jenny, Ron, Erika (our tour guide), John, and Alan.

Along the bridge there are all these padlocks that couples lock on to symbolize their love. Maybe next year Ron will put one with our names on???

Our next walking tour was of the area near Ground Zero. It is so interesting to me that the kids really don't remember the events of 9/11-- I mean they were just babies! I asked one of the kids why this banner from Oklahoma was on the wall and she had no clue. Apparently I'm getting old!

It is still very emotional seeing all of the memorabilia....

and photos of the folks who were killed.

The pews were all damaged beyond repair, but they tell such an important story that the church didn't want them fixed.

The new towers are going up-- it should be interesting to see how the complex looks when it's all rebuilt.

There are no words!

We had to move fast around Wall Street due to some filming for a mayonnaise commercial. New York is always an adventure!

To give the kids (and the chaperones) a rest after lunch we did a boat tour of the island.

Ron promptly fell asleep so I was responsible for taking the pictures.

Everyone must take one picture of the Statue of Liberty-- I took about fifty :)

I also got the Brooklyn Bridge from below. It was funny to think that we were on it just a few hours ago!

Our hotel was right in the heart of Times Square-- it was perfect!! After a quick rest we were off to....

Madame Tussaud's. I had to pose with Rachel Ray (because Jenny told me I had to!)

Ron posed with his guy...

and we did our best presidential pose :)

We kissed in the fake Central Park-- I wonder if we will kiss in the real one???

The new Justin Bieber was all the rage with the girls.

The boys--- they were all about trying to fool people into thinking they were statues. They even wore their Broadway clothes to look more Hollywood.

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