Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eve

I spent the morning decorating the church for the big Easter service.

I made this amazing floral arrangement...

and even decorated the cross. Who knew that I had these kinds of skills???

Ron once again used his masterful steaming to help make the baldachino beautiful!

We had our family Easter dinner in the evening at Pop's house.

We didn't break out the full-on Easter dress-- just a simply sun dress with a parasol accessory.

At Pop's Libi decided she wanted to be a bride and insisted we take lots of pictures.

We were also able to get a couple sweet photos of Libs with her grandparents....

before entertainment....

and dessert.

Libi went home with my parents and Ron and I returned to church for the longest service of the year. It was the Easter Vigil and it was such a beautiful thing to experience. We began outside, processed into the dark church and one by one lit a candle to re-light the church. The champagne and chocolate afterward didn't hurt making it a special night either ;)

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