Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ron's Birthday

In the morning Libi's fear of the flamingos subsided long enough for a few photos.

She would get close and then run away-- this was the best shot I got.

We left the mingos to graze and headed to dance class.

Libs got to lead the train again today. It's a responsibility she takes very seriously.

After class Libi got to hold a baby for the very first time!

Little Daniela was even wearing one of Libi's hand-me-down outfits-- isn't she sweet!

We picked flowers at Pop's house-- and then promptly pulled all of the petals off and scattered them around the room.

Libi is still always getting fun things from Pop when we visit-- it is a tradition he isn't giving up :)

Today for Ron's big day he convinced Libs to pose with him among the flamingos....

and he talked us into dinner at Red Robin.

Poor Daddy just got roped in to the finanace committee at church and they were having a meeting tonight. Happy Birthday to Ron! We dropped him off at church and headed to the mall to make some fun things.

Libs did her first Color Me Mine experience tonight.

She greatly enjoyed picking out the pieces to paint and the colors that would fit each person best.

She was an exceptionally good listener as well!

We ended up with a cat jewelry bowl for Aunt Andrea and a frame for Daddy. They will look much brighter once they are fired. I can't wait to see their faces when they open them up!

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