Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Celebrating Daddy...

Today was Spring picture day at school.

Libi wore a darling sundress from Jammy and Granpa (which is already too short for her!)

Before we headed to school Libi agreed to an impromptu photo shoot in our front yard. I simply love how this dress brings out her eyes!

After school she had ditched her headband and she looked like quite a ragamuffin! So glad the photos were in the morning!

Since Ron was going to be busy tomorrow on his actual birthday, we decided to take him to Disneyland today!

DCA and Soarin' were our first stops---

then we headed over to visit Sulley and Mike at Monsters Inc.

We were so excited to spend some quality time with Daddy!

For dinner we went to Cafe Orleans...

and Daddy got a celebratory beignet!

Libs helped to blow out the candle AND she helped him eat it :) She's a giver that girl!

Our final attraction of the night was Captain EO-- I love that Libs and I sing our way through the whole show. Whoooooo!

We came home to find that we had been "flamingo-ed!" A local girl is doing this to raise money for her senior trip. Christine had them show up on her doorstep earlier in the week and asked if anyone would want them. Since Libs loves her mingos, I said sure.


Having a very tired girl wake up to see a flock of flamingos in our headlights didn't make for a fun evening. She thought they had escaped from the zoo-- or something and was terrified!!! She cried and cried.

We later sent them to the Strassner's and Amy thought she was being punked. You should have seen how fast I texted her when I read her blog that said something like, "I hope the kid who left those on my lawn has fun trying to find them-- they are making their way down the block!" Whoops! Now I know that neither Libs nor Amy appreciate being mingo'd! Live and learn.

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