Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Philly, Gettysburg, D.C.= A very full day!

I'm happy to report that my foot feels fine-- sadly my wrist is really hurting me. I didn't ice it last night and I should have!

We took a quick walking tour before our Independence Hall appointment where we saw yet another Episcopalian church.

We also took the kids to throw pennies on Ben Franklin's grave-- a must do in Philly.

I was so sad that they were doing work on Independence Hall.

It is such a cool looking building and the kids didn't get to see it in it's glory.

Some things never change-- the interior of the Hall looks just like it did when I was a kid and I find that very comforting :)

Ron imparted some wisdom to his kids before we headed to Gettysburg.

After a stop in the outlet food court for lunch we made our way to the cemetery at Gettysburg.

It is really humbling to see the lines of men in unmarked graves-- standing shoulder to shoulder like they did in battle.

The kids peered into the other cemetery to see Jenny Wade's grave-- I went to her home as a kid and am still a bit creeped out by her so I stayed where I was.

This is quite possibly my favorite photo of the whole trip-- I just love all the detail on this cannon.

It was blooming cold and windy during our battle tour, but that didn't stop the kids from climbing to the top of the Pennsylvania monument and the monument on Little Round Top.

We stopped by the PA monument to say hi to my ancestors...

and Ron had to tell the story about how Libs will now have Civil War soldiers in her family history thanks to me :)

Another bus ride later and we were in Washington D.C. for dinner at Phillips Flagship.

We were so very lucky to meet up with Stacy, Cooper and Madison.

It was such fun to meet sweet Maddie and spend some time catching up with Stacy.

I love my cousin and her sweet kiddos!!!

As if we hadn't already had a full enough day we threw in a show at Ford's Theater for good measure.

It was a brand new musical called Liberty Smith about a rebellious boy named Liberty Smith who helped out with some of most important moments during the American Revolution.

It was so cool to see a show in this historic theater!

We had to take some photos for Dad....

and the boys really wanted a photo of the pistol used by John Wilkes Booth. So here you go!

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Caroline - Philly Tourism said...

What a historical experience! We hope you come back soon and maybe try out Please Touch Museum, the Smith Memorial Playground or Franklin Square. All are really fun for kids.

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