Thursday, April 7, 2011

Libi's Spring Break

While Ron and I were on the east coast Libi was living it up with Jammy and Granpa.

They went to Hailey's birthday party at Dig it Up.

Libi got to excavate some fossils or minerals-- she looks very scientific here.

Cake is a must at any birthday party.

Libs was happy to spend some time with Aunty Janice.

They drove home on Sunday so Jammy could get back to work.

Libi took a few friends for the ride.

They ate at Andersen's-- a first for Libs.

While in Stockton Libi hung out with Granpa and visited Jammy at work.

She got to spend some time playing with the office dogs-- we really need to get a dog!

She got some new pajamas (and I'm sure a few other outfits!)

We got to Skype with Libi once-- she was a total goof!

She modeled some other new PJs for Jammy...

she loves the camera!

We missed our love bug, but we know she had a great week!

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