Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maundy Thursday-- a super busy day!

Since it was Libi's last school day before Easter we took some goodies for the teachers.

A little bunny helped me deliver them...

she loves holidays like her Mama used to :)

Miss Carole,

Miss Tasha,

Miss Caroline and all the teachers enjoyed their plants.

We had more swimming today-- I just wish the weather would turn warm!

Libi is sitting in a pool heated to about 80 degrees while I'm shivering on a chaise lounge off to the side.

Her breathing is really coming together....

and she's even floating!!!! She (and her Dad) have never been fond of this, but she's actually doing it this year!

It looks like the blue skies want to poke through.... maybe tomorrow!

Libs began her nap upstairs but at some point she came down and cuddled up on the sofa in the living room and fell back asleep. Ron came home to find her there-- it was so sweet!

Ron had Open House so Libs and I went to church alone. Libi was asked to help acolyte, which did her Mother's heart proud-- you see I was an acolyte for 8 years, making it all the way to Head Acolyte.

She loved hanging out with the teens of our church-- I just hoped they would be on their best behavior.

Miss Mary gave the instructions...

and they were off to process in.

It was a really special service with 5 priests-- Rev. Cindy, Rev. Susan, Rev. Beliss, Rev. Lynn and the Lutheran priest who shares the building with us.

Unlike St. Martin's, they wash EVERYBODY'S feet!!! Libi (on the left) thought it was really cool! As an altar guild member I was running everywhere refilling pitchers and getting new towels.

Then it was time to strip the altar-- a very moving experience. Libi and the other acolytes brought everything back to myself and members of the guild who were waiting to store it all.

We grabbed Ron and took Libi to Grammy and Grampy's house for the night..... Wow, that was a busy day!

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