Monday, April 4, 2011

I need a doctor...

We had breakfast in a bagel shop in the city and I have to say it was the best bagel I have ever had!!!

Our Central Park adventure included a special concert by.....

Rahim-- an amazing saxophone player who had a great message for the kids.

Of course we had to do a photo by Bethesda Fountain. I would love to see it sometime with water in it.

Here are our kids sitting on a big pile of schist.... That was one of the favorite words of the day, "schist!" It's really funny if you are 13 :)

All was going great--- I got photos of the kids with Hans Christian Anderson,

got a photo of the "Pangry" falcon, and then I lost my footing on the cobblestone. It was a royal fall-- twisted ankle, falling on my wrists, camera crashing to the ground, lens popping off-- all in the view of about half a dozen kids, Ron, and our policeman parent. It was spectacular and it hurt! I was really glad that we were done with the major walking portion of the day because I was hurting!

We hopped on the bus and headed towards Jersey en route to Philly.

One spectacular view of the city and then we were on our way.

We ate in Reading Terminal Market place-- I hobbled to a table and my sweet hubby grabbed my food.

My camera managed to make a recovery and traveled with Alan to take some photos of the kids working alongside legend Carmen of Carmen's cheese-stakes.

I had my food up while the kids went to the Constitution Center and while they explored Franklin Court. I'm a little swollen and sore, but I think if I ice it tonight I will be fine.

We had to see Ben's printing office...

and his post office....

and I love this shot of the tunnel into his home.

I was excused from running the Rocky steps due to my foot and the fact that someone needed to take pictures of the kids. Ron ran first to show them how it's done...

then they were off!

Perhaps my favorite thing in Philly is the Mad Cap Theater.

We have been coming here since they began doing it six years ago.

Love their energy, love that they get the kids involved, love that they pose for me,

and LOVE that they get Ron all dressed up like a pretty little lass!

It was a great end to a very full day!

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