Sunday, April 24, 2011


The Easter Bunny came to our house last night.

He brought lots of goodies AND he also gave us some new pets! We now have a family of mingos that live in our yard!!

Libs was so surprised that Mr. EB got her message...

he brought Cinderella and the prince (as well as her dresses)

and the requested Claim Jumper gift card!

He also left a lengthy note! You see, Miss Libs found her Easter basket in the guest room closet yesterday since Granpa forgot to close it all the way. Mommy had a major melt down thinking her four year old would never believe again. However, the adults in the house were quick thinking and all rallied telling Libi that the EB delivers some things early so his arms aren't too full while he is hiding eggs. She bought it, I will never hide things in there, so all is good!

Libi was so happy to meet her flamingos AND to find the eggs Mr. Bunny hid.

This year he hid 10 Play-doh filled eggs.

Since Libi is getting older he hid them in much more difficult spots this year.

It was nice to spend the morning with Jammy, Granpa, and Grammy (poor Grampy wasn't feeling well!)

I love our Easter morning portrait!

Libi even allowed a short photo shoot to happen before church...

and I got this great shot!!

In church today I was asked to come out of retirement to acolyte. Keep in mind that I haven't done this on a regular basis since high school, so my learning curve was steep!

I was in charge of carrying the boat (the place where the incense is held) and holding up the Gospel book for the priest to read the lesson from. Everything went well until the recessional. The man who was twirling the incense got a bit carried away and in mid circle the chain snapped! Hot coals went everywhere and all I could do was stand in horror to watch. I knew that I was supposed to assist him, but I had no idea how to pick up the hot coals without burning myself or causing even more trouble by smoking out the joint with the rest of my incense. Luckily, many men along the aisle ran to our aide and returned the coals to the vessel from which they fell. It certainly was an interesting way to make my triumphant return to service!

While I cleaned with some altar guild friends Libi and Ron got to participate in an egg hunt and they met the Easter Bunny!!!

Many of the eggs were filled with candy, some had toys!! It was a fun day at church.

We went home to nap and poor Libi, who had been stuffy all day, woke up crying. She felt simply miserable, but she didn't want to miss the afternoon celebration with family. After some cuddle time with Mommy it was decided that we would go for a bit and leave early if we had to.

Libi wore her other Easter dress from Grammy to this party.

It was difficult to slide in....

and it didn't allow her to play badminton very well...

So we took a few photos of her in the dress alone...

and with Grammy and then we changed her into play clothes!

Dinner, dessert, and games were all a great deal of fun!

Happy Easter from us to you!

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Amy said...

Oh my goodness!! Glad to hear the note made it all better...notes work wonders! I know from experience. :-)