Monday, April 18, 2011

Strawberries and Swimming...

Every year I was in MOPS I either participated in or organized the strawberry picking trip to Underwood Farms.

Since I'm not in MOPS this year, I had to plan a trip on my own.

Happily we had a few very dear friends who met us there!

Elyz, Lynnette, and Grandma all came first.

The girls loved feeding carrots to the animals,

watching the emus chase each other around their cage,

and playing on the equipment.

I loved getting my baby fix with Miss Daniela!!!!

Cora, Lisa and baby Violet joined us a little later... just in time for our tractor ride to the strawberry field!!

When I asked the girls to pose for a photo, one of them got really silly....

then it became contagious!!

We managed to load up the gals...

and get one more photo before....

the giggles began as we chugged our way through the fields!

As Libs gets older this gets so much easier!!! I was able to let her pick while I had my hands free to take photos and help either of the girls with the babies.

We all had to sample a few to make sure they were ripe....

looks like they are OK!

We had snacks and more playtime in the sand area before we needed to head home for....

the first swim lesson of the year!

Yes, on this very dreary Spring day Libs started swimming with Miss Karen.

It only took a second for her to remember most of what she learned last summer.

In no time she will be doing her torpedo arms across the whole pool!

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