Friday, December 31, 2010

Walt Disney World - Day 1

I'm trying to sum up the day in five photos--all taken with my iPhone. Here goes:

Libi has been so excited about this trip since we started planning back in the spring. This is Libi in the airport thrilled to see the Disney logo at the shuttle check-in.

Our big activity of the day (besides checking into our hotel) was starting off our vacation with a nice dinner. Heather chose Kouzzina for our welcome dinner. Owned by Iron Chef Cat Cora, Kouzzina had some very delicious (and spicy) Greek food inspired by the American South.

Cat Cora is known for her collection of olive oils. She has many on display at Kouzzina.

We all got New Year's hats when we got back to our hotel after dinner. Libi said, "Look, it matches my dress!"

It was a long day of travel for our little one. Tomorrow is Epcot and Libi can't wait. Disney Parks are fun, but far more fun through the eyes of a child. Happy New Year!
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