Wednesday, December 8, 2010

55th Trip to Disneyland

Today Pop couldn't have lunch with us so Libi and I decided to head to our favorite spot.

We met up with a few friends,

took in some sights,

and enjoyed a little bit of happy!

Libi was such a great listener all day AND she held my hand the entire day without being asked. I even took a photo of it because I know that all too soon she won't want to hold my hand :(

Our first attraction was Small World Holiday. For those of you who don't get to see this amazing sight every year, here is a picture summary. If you click down fast enough it will look like you are on the ride-- sort of ;)

Next we headed to Toontown and found Pluto.

We took a quick break for lunch...

then we went to Minnie's house.

Libi was so happy to see Minnie and to play on her computer.

Our whole purpose for going was to try to see Flynn and Repunzel, but the line was so long that they closed it twice!!! Mommy was not happy that Disney only had the characters available to see for an hour at a time and that they closed the line so quickly. She. Wasn't. Happy!!!

Libi handled it all in stride and requested that we ride on the carousel.

I love that she's so easy going-- totally takes after her father on that one!

On our way out we found a character goldmine right next to the castle!! Not only were three of the Cinderella characters together...

but Aurora was there to teach Libi how to look cute even while she sleeps, AND

Mary Poppins and Bert were there too!!!

Our final character encounter before hopping on the tram was with Pinocchio and Gepetto. Such fun to see so many characters in one day!

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