Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two really big events...

Today the entire family turned out for Libi's holiday program.

Her face when she saw an entire row of people there to see her was priceless!!!

I was lucky enough to sit right in front of all the Owls-- so I got some really great photos!

This outfit was made for me by my Grandmother. It was really fun to see it on Libi!

The Owl class took center stage for "Must be Santa."

Libi got to hold up her Santa card during every chorus-- she did a fabulous job!!

There was lots of choreography for the songs and Libi did it all perfectly!!!

We are so proud of our little angel.

Santa even made an appearance!

Libi was excited about that...

but she was even more excited that her family came to see her!

We took some family photos...

and one with Miss Caroline then it was off to lunch!

Post lunch we went to our second big event...

Marge's 90th Birthday party!

Ron and I were enlisted to help photograph this fun event.

I had to take a little break to act as a bed for a very tired girl.

Once she was awake, she was the life of the party!

She chatted with lots of people and even got Terri to dance!

It was such fun to spend time with our Phillip's family....

we love Bonnie and Jim...

and their entire family!!!!

Happy, happy Birthday Little Grandma!!! We can't wait to celebrate your 100th :)

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