Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lunch and dinner with family...

Today we took Daddy with us to lunch at Pop's house. Libi wore a shirt that used to be mine-- which Nana and Pop brought back for me on one of their Maui trips with Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob.

Libi spent her time today looking through many bags of toys long forgotten.

She and Daddy also did lots of magic tricks that involved a disappearing baby that would reappear in Libi's ear!

After nap and a quick hair re-do...

in which someone was less than cooperative...

We went to have dinner at Grammy and Grampy's house.

It was such fun to hang out with Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet before our trip!

It was also fun being attacked by the tickle monster!

My amazing Tamron camera lens died at the zoo on Monday (yes, I've had a lot of death this year-- even my appliances!) Today my darling hubby grabbed me a brand new lens just in time for the trip, which I was having fun with tonight after dinner.

It was nice being with family-- but I'm ready to blow this joint and head to Orlando!

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