Saturday, December 4, 2010

A morning with MOPS

This morning Daddy went to the SAT, so Libi and I visited a blast from our past...

We went to VUMC for breakfast with....


Libi was thrilled to see some of her MOPS/Pioneer Club pals and to spend some time with Santa.

Zofia and Libi were so happy to see each other two days in a row (they were at Tangled with us!)

We took a break from photos...

to enjoy the pancakes Pastor John made.

Then it was time to do some crafts like coloring....

and making a fruit loop necklace...

before it was time for an official portrait with the man in red.

Santa remembered me from last year and asked Libi, "Doesn't you Mom have enough pictures of you."

To which she replied, "No!"

That's my girl!!! I can never have too many photos of this darling face!

I loved watching them chat away about what Libi wanted for Christmas..

and if she had been a good girl.

Thanks Santa (and Libi) for some really wonderful pictures.

On the way home we stopped by the Strassner house to get our crate of fruit. For those of you who still say there is no fall in California, I offer you further proof.

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Amy said...

The changing trees are the reason we bought a house in this neighborhood. Reminded me every year of living back east. :-)