Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's still raining...

Today Libs didn't go to school-- her nose is still too runny.

We did head to Cassie's to get our hair done before Christmas and Florida.

Libi's hair is now too long to be cut sitting in the chair. She had to stand, which made it hard on Cassie to cut the hair of a wiggly girl!

It is still raining here so we are finding lots of things to do inside-- playing with dolls and making snowflakes.

Libi is also using our tree as a play thing. She tells stories using our ornaments as characters, then replaces them on the tree. This would explain why I have noticed ornaments moving from one place to another on the tree.

While we enjoy the rain-- it is also very much needed here-- we are ready for some outside play time!

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