Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gingerbread Houses...

We moved our lunch with Pop to Thursday since we couldn't go yesterday.

Granpa is still in town trying to get all of Nana's affairs in order.

As is tradition (since last year) that on the day I make our family gingerbread house, Libi gets to make one for Nana and Pop's house.

I thought it would be fun if we just assembled it there so that Granpa and Pop could help.

Pop didn't help assemble, but he did take a few pictures. Now we know where Granpa got his amazing photography skills from :)

The amount of candy Libs put on the roof nearly collapsed the house.

When it came time to decorate Santa and the tree...

Libi spared no frosting. Yum!

The finished house looked pretty good!

Before we left there was lots of drawing...

some silliness...

and a little battle with Granpa.

These two are so funny together-- both doing whatever they can to crack up the other one.

In the evening Ron got to play Daddy times two!

He got to take Bridget and Libi to a Drama/Dance show at Rio Norte.

While he MC'd the event with Aunt Gina the girls were watched by Gina's mother who used to be a preschool teacher.

It appears from this photo that Libi even got to help Daddy with his work :)

I met up with a bunch of my Mommy friends (as Libi calls them) to make our fancy gingerbread houses.

This year my theme was Star Wars.

This was far more challenging than last years Princess theme. I limited myself to only using black, white, purple, and blue candy. Next year I'm doing something really colorful and making my life easy!

I have a Dark Side of my house...

and a side for the good guys.

Cris came with me-- her house turned out so cute! I love the frosted mini-wheats on the roof.

Amy also made her first house and even though it stressed her out it was adorable!!!

May the force be with me indeed!

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