Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This morning Libi actually slept in, by her standards. She woke up at 7:45 and Jammy, Granpa and Pop arrived at 8-- perfect timing!

Santa brought a ton of gifts including this accordion. It might not have been his brightest idea seeing as how it is loud and it makes Tobee howl, but in theory it is fun!

Libi picked out this Star Wars shirt for Daddy-- he looks pretty excited about it!

We had lots of opening to do...

hours worth of opening to do!

Everyone got great presents!

Libi got all of the Tangled stuff she requested and even some she didn't!

Here is Miss Tangled herself! Decked out in her dress and shoes with her doll...

Granpa was put in charge of her crown and wand.

Afterward opening gifts Libi surveyed her loot!

About two minutes later she began asking for stuff to be opened and for folks to start playing with her.

After Jammy and Granpa left to take Pop home we were visited by Meme and Pop Pop.

They exchanged gifts while we had a nice conversation. Libi is so blessed to have such wonderful godparents!

A quick nap and an outfit change and we were off to the Limon's for dinner.

It was such a blessing to see the Limon's. We have missed many holidays with them this year as they have graciously understood that I needed to spend time with my side of the family.

Cris brought along some flavored vodka which she asked me to try...

as you can see I wasn't a fan!

The Limon family is such fun!!!

Libi loves spending time with her cousins especially on the trampoline!

She got some good air-- only my daughter would jump around in her fancy dress.

Libi got her first look at a big kids hand held games.

While she was schooled in that-- Ron and his team schooled the rest of the family in how to play Taboo!

Cameron (who was on Ron's winning team) enjoyed Cris' attempt to get her team some points.

We had a family gift exchange and Libi got some fun stuff: puzzles, games, toothbrush, and a shirt she can color on.

Even though we were missing Travis and Logan we attempted another cousin picture.

Can't resist a funny one!

Libi was scared by the horse and chicken masks...

but she recovered and sang "Christmas Morning" for everyone.

She even got folks into the act while she sang by pulling them up to dance behind her.

A short car ride later we were at Grammy and Grampy's to open presents with them.

Libi got lots more great stuff including a My Little Pony...

and a Trouble game that is Star Wars themed! Super cool!

Ron spent some quality time with Gizmo.

We opened gifts late into the night...

Cris got a gorgeous picture...

and Andrea and Violet kept us laughing!
Poor Libs began to melt about a half hour before we were done-- she even fell asleep for a few minutes. She was a trooper who stuck it out until the end.

During the day we got word that Aunt Pat had died. She was Nana's oldest and dearest friend, a second mother to my father, and a lovely presence in my life! Our family feels for the McMenamin family as they deal with this loss-- it is especially difficult to lose someone on Christmas. It brought back memories of losing Ron's Grandma five years ago today.

This year has been just too tough!! I am counting down the seconds until 2011-- it has to be better!

On a happier note we wish you joy and peace from our family to yours! Merry Christmas!

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