Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reindeer Games

Libi was thrilled to return to school today!!!

As a special treat the kids got to make reindeer hats and paint their noses to look like Rudolph.

Libi said goodbye to her little friends...

and to Miss Caroline...

then it was off to Winter Break!

After a good game of chase with Brady!

In the evening it was time for the greening of the church. Libi was given a job all her own. She began alone and then kept recruiting kids to help her. They finished the project in no time flat!! Makes her organizer/project oriented mother and her activities director father proud!!!

Libi also assisted the teenage girls decorate the alter...

while I faced my fears of ladders to climb up and help Ron hang the wreaths.

Ron was a trooper helping everyone with anything they asked! Love that guy!

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