Friday, December 24, 2010

A very busy Christmas Eve...

Our festivities kicked off in church.

Libi helped to pass the baby Jesus to the creche.

She held him carefully and then passed him on.

After they blessed the creche she processed in with all of the children behind Rev. Susan.

When it was time to sing....

Libi hopped right up. Even though she didn't really know the songs, she did her best to follow along.

Ron and Ron both were called to help as well to put up and take down the screen for the Gospel slide show. Libi was heavily featured in it, as Ron promised-- it was very sweet!

While I did my alter guild duties Ron got some photos of Grammy and Grampy who joined us for church.

Next up was Pop's house for our traditional crepe dinner.

Libi napped much of the way down, so she was very cuddly when we arrived!

As always, the men cook while the women chat. It was much quieter without Nana!

Ron can still flip crepes like a pro! It's amazing that he only cooks them once a year!

Pop didn't put up the reindeer tree this year, but he did find this Christmas toy that Nana got for Libi last year.

Libi also instantly found the pillow pal that she had requested! Pop got it for her!!

She gave it a try and it seemed satisfactory!

She also shared it with Tobee-- who also seemed to enjoy it.

I looked in the Christmas spirit, but this was a hard day.

Before dinner Libi spent more time with Nana's nativity set-- one of her favorite things to do at the house.

After dinner Libi got to sample one of Jammy's snicker-doodles-- our families favorite holiday cookie.

While waiting to open presents there was some silliness with Granpa.

After a bit of sweetness it was on to the presents!

Pop got some new wine from Jammy and Granpa-- to replenish his supply.

Libi got some new clothes

and a set of cars that Nana picked out for her!

Libi and Pop instantly went to the kitchen to see how they worked.

While they played Tobee relaxed...

and Ron and I had a photo op!

Her big gift from Pop was a dollhouse!!!

She spent lots of time looking at the box...

before she gave Pop big hugs!!!

We ran off to see Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet and let Pop and Granpa assemble Libi's bike. Sadly, there was a part of the bike that didn't fit properly so it will have to wait for Libi's birthday.

When we arrived back home someone was very excited!!!

She wrote her thank you note to Santa...

picked out five cookies (two chocolate chip, cream cheese, and one snicker-doodle) and milk for Santa.

She and Ron put out reindeer food on our lawn, then it was off to bed.

Our tree began like this...

but by the time we went to bed it looked like this!!!

The stockings were stuffed so much that they wouldn't hang any more! Good work Santa!

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

What a wonderful Christmas Eve! Looks like you enjoyed many happy memories of your sweet Nana, also!