Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A playdate with Grammy and Grampy...

We are still spending most of our time playing with our new toys. Poor Cinderella from MeMe and Pop Pop looks like she is bound and gagged.

After nap Libs went to play with Grammy and Grampy. This photo shows the time Libi was ready to come home.

Ron snapped a few photos of the fun that happens at Grammy and Grampy's house.

While Libi was away we did some more prep for WDW.

I'm glad Libi had fun with her grandparents, but the big news is that....

the new Project Life is in the house!!!!!

I am doing year three with this amazing album and I'm loving every minute of it :) I was so thrilled that I put it together about ten seconds after I opened it! Let 2011 begin!

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