Friday, December 31, 2010

Heading to Orlando...

This morning we got up before the sunrise to get to LAX.

We got some goodies and we loaded onto the plane!

A little over four hours later we were in Orlando!!!

We arrived a little ahead of Jammy and Granpa so we filled the time playing some new card games (thank you Santa!)

Lou was so very happy to see them!!! Talk about a welcome!

Sorry this isn't the best photo (I was in the back of a bus when it was taken) but Libi was so excited to see the Walt Disney World sign that she actually squealed!!! Totally awesome-- I might have cried a bit... just a bit :)

We got to our hotel, but there was a bit of a snafu with my folks reservations....

luckily there were cartoons and friends to keep Libi occupied and the issues was resolved without any tears (from any of us!)

Our luggage was finally delivered so we did a quick change and headed out to dinner.

To get to dinner was quite an adventure. We took a boat...

to Downtown Disney.

While we walked to the bus we passed some cool presents which Libi requested to have her photo taken with. We then took the world's longest bus ride to travel less than two miles and made it to...

the Boardwalk resort...

for dinner at Kouzzina!

Yes, we got to eat at Iron Chef Cat Cora's Greek inspired restaurant-- what a treat!!!

Libi was hungry and tired at this point-- so this blurry photo with a cranky child kind of sums up our meal.

Happily, Libi's worst behavior is still pretty amazingly good behavior for most three year olds-- that is why Ron and I were still able to smile :)

Our grouchy girl wouldn't pose with Jammy and Granpa, but I still think the photo is cute.

This poor little blank stare explains why she was cranky-- too much travel, not enough sleep!!!

There were so many great things about the restaurant-- there was an open kitchen! I love when restaurants have open kitchens!

They really love their olive oil there...

and with every meal they do an olive oil tasting. Ron liked the more full-bodied version while I was a fan of the lighter one-- we are ying and yang, complementing each other perfectly :)

To get back to our resort we took a different boat which led us to Hollywood Studios to take a bus. Their tree looks great-- but I'm not sure if we will get to see it again so I snapped a few photos!

During a stop at the food court to grab a cookie and some water Libi was given a balloon and a New Years hat-- she was in heaven!

Actually, we all got hats. Don't we look festive????

Happy New Year's from our family to yours!

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Wow! Even blogging while on vacation..I'm impressed! Looks like a great way to start a new year!