Monday, December 27, 2010

The zoo with friends...

This morning Libi was still fascinated with her Play-doh. She even made Ron and my head on a stake-- not sure how I feel about that, but she is being creative!

We met the Strassner's at the zoo-- Libi was beyond excited to see them!

Our first order of business was to introduce Ben to his komodo dragon babies.

They are still as cute? as ever.

On our way into the zoo we passed the meerkats who were on alert looking for something.

At the gorillas we got some shots of the kids-- this is the only one where Libi is sort of looking at the camera.

We wanted to introduce everyone to the elephants next, but Ben needed to make a pit stop first.

Libi and Emma had no trouble filling the time-- playing chase and a more grown up form of peek-a-boo.

Libi was in rare form today requesting that everyone stop on her command and here she asked us to play "Ring around the Rosie" with her. I'm not sure how Ron got out of that???

Ron and I passed the camera back and forth all day. He got some really great close-up shots of our sweet girl.

There were lots of cool painted elephants around the zoo-- the kids decided to pose by this one.

Billie wasn't out when we first passed by, but after a snack he was ready for his closeup!

Libi loved her special view on top of Daddy!

One last photo that I love of the two giraffes then we were off to lunch since the kids were "starving!!!"

After lunch Ron took a few shots of the kids...

did I mention how much I love the three of them together??? We will have to spend lots of time together the next six months to compensate for when they are leaving town!

Since we didn't get together before Christmas we did our gift exchange on a bench in the middle of Burbank.

Libi was thrilled to get her Star Wars sticker book, Star Wars Guess Who Game and her gift card.

It looks like Amy liked her little gag gift as well!

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