Friday, December 3, 2010

Tangled at the El Capitan

We began our Friday in Hollywood at the Hard Rock Cafe--- a departure from our usual CPK.

The food and the service was OK, but the "rock" wall in the lobby was amazing. You could grab a piece of rock memorabilia, enlarge it, learn more about it, and move it to the other side of the screen on this virtual wall. Libi and Ron both had a grand time with it.

Then it was off to the main attraction!

The stage show beforehand was really amazing!

They even included a Mulan scene from when she was a soldier-- very rare!

At the end of the show they introduced Rapunzel and Flynn-- whom we already know and love.

We were thrilled that so many friends came along with us-- The Strassner's,

the Katz family,

and lots of Ron's students with their families.

I'm so sad that this is one of the last movies we will enjoy with these darling kids at the El Capitan. Hopefully we can get in at least one more before they move.

Did I mention that Libi wore the Tangled dress we got her in Sacramento?

We tried to get a good family photo once the film was over, but Libi was less than cooperative.

So Ron and I put her down and got a cute one of the two of us.

After a little pep talk Libs was far more cooperative!

To round out the night we went to Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood.

It was fun but exceedingly cold-- we had to move to the car to finish our tasty ice cream.

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