Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Three times in a week... why not???

This morning Libi went to school in her finest (and shortest) patriotic dress.

She had no idea that after school we were heading to....

Disneyland!!! For the third time in a little over a week-- what a lucky little girl!

We met up with some of my scrapbook friends / Annual Passholders for a sneak preview of the Ariel ride.

We found her while waiting in the queue...

and once inside on the giant lobby mural.

Libi was super excited to hop into those clam shells!

I tried to get photos...

but many of them didn't come out too well.

Tami, my scrapbooking pal, had much better luck!

Thanks Tami for sharing your photos with me!

The ride was such fun!

It was full of music,

special effects,

our favorite characters,

and a little romance!

I can't wait to ride it again to see what I missed the first time.

It was totally worth the drive!

We crossed over into Disneyland and went on a ride we haven't been on since Libi was 9 months old.... the Mark Twain.

We got prime spots at the bow of the ship.

Perfect for some silly photos...

and to see the sights along the river.

Once we docked we took a few more photos...

before we cast off for home.

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