Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Eve

Lunch for Libi today was made up entirely of orange food. Was it planned that way? No, but it was fun! Perhaps we will have to theme our food by color more often.

In the evening we hosted Grammy, Grampy, Aunt Andrea, Aunt Violet and Gizmo for a Mother's Day dinner.

While I was getting the final things ready Aunt Andrea manned the camera. I love this one of Aunt Violet!

Grammy had asked for a BBQ in the backyard...

We started off back there....

but then the wind picked up...

and we got too cold so we moved inside.

Since Libi wasn't able to tell what she loved about me at SCLP yesterday she wanted to get on the mic at home and do it. She spoke about every woman that was important to her-- even the great-grandmothers who had just passed away. Very, very touching!

We got some very nice gifts (which Libi helped us open!)

Libi was rather uncooperative when it was time for photos...

but we all had some fun with Grammy's hat!

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