Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feels like summer...

The weather has turned, but it is still decidedly spring.

Today at school I got to witness the ladybug release...

it was such a fun thing for the kids to watch.

In the evening Ron and I had to head out so Grammy watched Cousin Bridget and Libi.

She bought a really fun sprinkler...

and had the girls go through it.

After Libi ran through I noticed that her footprints left a little heart. Everyone say, "Aw!"

Even with the age difference, these two get along swimmingly!

After a scrumptious dinner at New Moon Twila, Ron and I headed to the East Coast trip informational meeting. It was packed!!! We had about 100 folks in the room and the trip had over 25 students in it by the time we left. Ron has never had such an amazing response.

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