Sunday, May 8, 2011

Peace Chapel Dedication

It was a very special day for the congregation of St. Stephen's today...

We were joined by Bishop Glasspool....

who blessed the Rev. Lynn Peace Chapel!

Love this woman...

and her cute little chapel.

We have such a fun church family-- Libi especially loves Rev. Susan!

I was asked if I had my camera today. Why yes, yes I do!

So after the service Ron took some great shots of Jim Tanner, Rev. Lynn, Bishop Glasspool, and Dave Melton. Jim is one of the founding members of our church and Dave is the current Senior Warden.

All of the mothers got a blessing and some flowers.

We now have two pictures of Libs with Rev. Mary-- she is just so fascinating to talk to!!

Sadly the rest of my "special day" was spent working on Teacher Appreciation Week (TAW) stuff. Ron and Libi wanted to do something fun but I just didn't have the time. Hopefully they will give me a rain-check for later.

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