Friday, May 27, 2011

Clean carpets...

Ron lovingly bought me a carpet cleaning Groupon/Screaming Coupon/Living Social-- one of those sites that lure you into buying a service for a deal and then you forget to use it before it expires. We remembered this one of the day it expired and they were nice enough to let us schedule for today-- over a week after the coupon expired. Whoops!

Our carpets are still original to the house (which was built when I was in 5th grade-- you do the math!)

The poor man who came said that he couldn't take everything out but that they would look better. These carpets have gone through two dogs, a newborn, and many years of foot traffic so I wasn't expecting miracles!

Libi was fascinated by his truck...

AND she got to eat lunch in the studio upstairs. Super bonus!!!

We had to stay off the carpets for a bit to let them dry....

BUT, they look amazing!!!!! Miracles do happen :)

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