Friday, May 6, 2011

Moms and Muffins

It was one of my favorite events at preschool today.

Libi was so excited to share some songs with me.

She was given the honor of holding the flag.

The dress the Easter Bunny gave her really showed off her eyes.

When it was time to sing-- Libi really got into it!

We all did the hokey pokey-- we put our left hands in....

After Libi presented me a darling jewelry box we took some pictures. First with Miss Caroline,

then Libs hopped in with Faith, Sydnie and their Mom,

and finally we took one together.

Since we missed Wednesday lunch with Pop we went today.

Libi conducted us in quite an elaborate musical composition. She would play something and then have Pop or I reproduce it.

Pop and Libi picked flowers that were turned into a dancing prop.

What a fun day!

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