Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twice in a week...

Today we accompanied Daddy to the 8th grade field trip.

Ron had to chat with some chaperones so Libi and I headed to Small World. We saw some Rio Norte friends as we were waiting in line.

Libi still loves Small World-- she is definitely my daughter!

Daddy caught up with us while we were waiting in line for the princesses.

Libs was more than excited to say "Hi" to her friends.

Today all the princesses were intrigued by Libi's long hair.

We saw Aurora,


(who also loved Libi's hair),

and Jasmine.

Jasmine was kind enough to pose for a family photo.

Today a ton of other characters were out and about-- and Libi can't walk by a friend without stopping for a photo-- so we saw a bunch of them!

On our way to our nap/parade watching spot to found Ariel in the castle courtyard.

She and Libs had a lovely conversation....

and when it was time to leave they locked eyes. I love Libi's stare of total admiration-- I even thought for a second that she was going to kiss her beloved princess. It is one of my all-time favorite Disney photos!

After our tall girl too a much-too-short nap on our laps on the concrete benches...

she was up and ready for the brand new Soundsational parade.

Talking Mickey led off the parade-- he looks just as cool in person as he did in his YouTube video!

The new parade has a musical theme and it showcases tons of movies-- both old and new.

Libi was a fan of the bubbling Ariel float...

while I was excited to see Jose, Paunchito and Donald as the 3 Caballeros.

We were all happy to see Rapunzel included on the princess float!

Ron enjoyed the Lion King float (we will be going to see this flick in 3-D at the El Cap-- you should come with us!)

Tiana, Ray, and Louis on a float made us smile...

Libi was tickled to get a handshake from Mr. Smee...

but the real highlight of the parade was the finale... Mary Poppins!!!!!

They totally outdid themselves on this spectacular float...

complete with live musicians. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

We headed over to Big Thunder Ranch and were happy to meet the Big Thunder cow.

Our little goat whisperer continued to chat with her pals...


As the sun was setting we decided to head over to DCA and attempt to get on the Ariel ride.

Libi was highly motivated to get there-- but when we found it was closed we lost a little wind from our sails.

We headed into the Redwood play area...

and Bubbles sprang right back to life!

She and Ron ran all over the place-- I decided to do the Girl Scout thing and hug a tree... or a bench.... while they got their oogies out!

This tree made a good spot for hide and go seek,


and a photo op!

We finished off the day at the La Brea Bakery for some yummy Italian sandwiches. After loading all the kids back onto the bus, we happily drug ourselves home.

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