Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sharing our experiences...

When we returned to SCLP we found a really nice card of thanks from all of the teachers for their TAW activities. It was nice to know that they appreciated the efforts of our parents.

Libi really missed her classmates and teachers,

so she was happy to be back at school.

It is so nice to see some of the older girls and Libi playing so well together-- yet another reason we love our little preschool.

It was share today and Libi brought Shamu!!

Both Libi and her friend Solea had been on adventures the past week...

we went to San Diego and Solea went to Hawaii with her family. Both girls brought stuffies that reminded them of their trips. We stayed after school for a bit so the girls could play and I could hear all about the trip from Solea's grandma. Traveling is totally a perk to being an only child and it's one that these girls take full advantage of :)

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