Saturday, May 21, 2011

A long time ago...

in a Disney park far, far away....

there was a little family who went to Disneyland to buy 600 tickets for the 8th grade trip.

While they were there they happened upon a soft opening for the most amazing ride in the galaxy!

The new queuing area was full of fun surprises....

and the line was less than 40 minutes!

Since two members of the family are mega Star Wars fans (and the remaining family member really loves the aforementioned members) they waited in the line.

C3PO is back-- but this time he was the pilot of the ship!

There are fun new details in the line including some special appearances by Wall-E and Stitch.

It was totally worth waiting for-- the 3-D effects were AWESOME! The motion of the cars is much smoother and the story line is cool. We all can't wait to head back and ride it again.

OK-- now I will return to my normal blog voice :)

Libi didn't have many requests today, but she did want to see the Mouse.

We had a quick photo with Steamboat Willie,

and then it was off to Goofy's to play for a bit.

While I hoarded a bench in the play-yard, Ron and Libi explored the interior of the house.

By the by, Libi has requested that when she is done with dance lessons that she begin piano lessons. Fun!!!

Libs took this sweet photo of Ron-- she is almost due for her own big girl digital camera!

It was bright when we came out of Small World, so Ron let Lou borrow his glasses. Cool!

On our way out to dinner we found a few friends...

who wanted to clown around with us. Geppetto has been out every time we have been to the park lately, what's up with that?

Since I asked for this to count as my Mother's Day outing, I got to pick Mrs. Knott's chicken dinner for supper.

Libs had her first boysenberry punch-- which totally blew her mind. That's my girl!!!!

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