Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the soak zone...

We woke up to a very wet morning in San Diego.

Libi and I braved the weather to head to Sea World.

Libi was super brave this time and she fed the sea lions-- after Mommy did the first few.

We went to see the sharks for the first time-- mainly because it was an inside pavilion.

Lou wasn't a huge fan of the sharks that were swimming, but she didn't mind the giant teeth.

Sadly there was a great deal of construction in the middle of the park-- so the flamingos weren't on display!

Libi's favorites, the sea stars, were still on display and they didn't seem to mind the rain!

While Libi was afraid of feeding dead fish to the dolphins or sea lions though a little tube, she had no fear about touching live sea stars! Go figure?

She was willing to at least look at the dolphins this time....

through the glass-- not in the open section where she could actually touch or get splashed by one.

After a quick visit to my sea otter friends...

we headed to see the Seymour and Clyde show.

While the show was fun...

and the critters were cute, we got totally soaked!!! Mommy couldn't take being soggy any more so we headed back to the hotel.

On our way out we found Shamu-- and since we were already soaked we decided to wait in line for a quick photo. What's another five minutes in the rain?

Once we made it to the car I took a picture of two drowned rats!

It's adventures like these that remind me why I love Libs as a travel buddy. She never complains, is ready for anything, and is cute to boot!

Jammy gave Libi money for a souvenir and she picked a stuffed Shamu. Disneyland and Shamu were perfect pals for nap time.

While we dried out (and both took naps!) the weather broke so,

we headed to Old Town for a really good Mexican meal.

Libi chose a quesadilla and rice...

while I got a sampler of taquitos. Chicken, beef, and potato..... yes, you heard right... POTATO!!! I am the world's biggest lover of potatoes and having them in a taquito-- pretty much perfection!!!

Another one of the reasons that we eat in Old Town is that they make their own tortillas-- YUM!!!

I couldn't have asked for a better dining companion.

We went back to the hotel room to watch some airplanes land (the airport was right across from the hotel.)

It was really fun to have a little girls get away. Thank you to Jammy for letting us crash in her room.

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