Friday, May 20, 2011

Breaking my heart...

Our school is working on an updated website so I have been getting some extra special access to take some photos.

The "Goodbye Song" is possibly my favorite tradition at SCLP...

I hope that Libi will remember it for many years to come.

I noticed this little gem hung up on the wall. Tweet :)

Only yesterday I was mentioning how well the older girls were treating my baby...

that changed today!!! As I watched during pick up my baby was shut out of a game with the pandas. She asked nicely to join in-- she even tried to sit next to them, but they sent her away.

I watched her sadly walk away, regroup and try again. The second time they were even meaner to her, but she never cried, got angry or tattled to the teacher. She handled it beautifully-- Mommy did not! I was so sad for my little one, angry at the mean girls, and coming to the realization that I won't always be there to fight her battles. It totally got me. With tears in my eyes I called my baby over to comfort her and told her the cold, hard truth of life, "Some people won't like you, they won't want to play with you, but you are a very sweet little girl and Mommy loves you!"

While I was licking my wounds, I figured that a little afternoon splurge was in order.

Ice cream always helps make Ippolito girls feel better :)

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